Halo Mod Trilogy

Halo mods for 3 great strategy games

Sins of the Prophets

Sins of the Prophets is a Halo mod for Sins of a Solar Empire, re-designing the game's mechanics to simulate the fast-paced action of Halo in a great 4x RTS


We bring you the chance to experience Halo from space, in orbit and among the stars. In Homefront, you can command warships that stretch for kilometers and field dozens of weapons. Build nimble frigates which dip and weave in combat against their counterparts and strafe larger ships. Construct heavily specialized carriers able to dispatch dozens of fighters or drones, or explore more atypical, exotic weapons.

Covenant at War

Covenant at War is a Halo Total Conversion for Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces Of Corruption replacing the Rebels with the UNSC, the Empire with the Covenant and the Consortium with the Flood as playable factions, and adding the Forerunners (Sentinels) and the Insurrectionists (United Rebel Front) as non-playable Factions.